Launch Tee’s Small, Medium and Large product range is the perfect development tool for teaching beginners how to master their baseball stroke.

Ideal for children aged two to 10, Launch Tee allows beginners to hit baseball shots off a tee, barely feeling the tee on impact.

It eliminates ball movement, wind and deviations, allowing participants to focus on the technique of their shot. Tees also teach good body positioning relative to ball.


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Perfect for coaching, training and recreation 


Launch Tee is a great coaching tool that can be used for closed-skill swing development for beginners. You can use the tees:

  • as a tool to develop technique and footwork, and then progress to a live ball scenario;
  • to model the swing to your pupil or coach the swing in close proximity to the pupil for closer analysis; or
  • as markers or targets by setting up pairs of Launch Tees as goals for the pupil to hit through.
  • Use Launch Tee as a ball tee, target or marker.
  • Perfect for play games, activities or execute drills.
  • Launch Tee's coloured stems provide great visual stimuli as markers or targets and provide a great visual perspective of your target relative to a moving ball. 
  • Launch Tee is great fun for kids to ‘launch’ balls in the backyard, the park, beach or field.
  • Play games or test yourself by seeing how powerful and accurate you are.
  • Have fun and ‘launch’ a ball to a friend for a catch.



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