Why Launch Tee?

How is Launch Tee different to existing products on the market?

1) Multi-Sport - Suitable for Cricket, Tennis and Baseball

2) Multi-Functional - Use as a tee, marker or goal. Use as a coaching or recreational tool.

3) Compared to Traditional Cricket Tees:

  • Better Experience: The registered Launch Tee design has been developed to maximise the batting experience through cleaner contact with the ball providing a more unimpeded swing of the bat. 
  • Hit it Further: Launch Tee enables the batter to hit the ball further than what can be achieved through traditional cricket batting tees.
  • More Realistic Strike Zone: Launch Tee enables the batter to strike the ball in the meat of the bat without feeling the tee.
  • More Shots: Launch Tee enables the batter to hit a wider range of shots at heights the batter is more likely to encounter when facing a bowler. Designed to practice both straight and cross-bat strokes.
  • More Options: Through the multi-coloured design, Launch Tee can be used by a coach or teacher to develop a wide range of games and activities to engage their students.